TRUST Sweet Iron Elliptical Hanging Cheek



  • Thickness: 12mm or 16mm
  • Material: Sweet Iron
  • Cheekpiece Type: Hanging Cheek/Baucher
  • Size Availability: approx. 4.5″ – 5.7″
  • USEF Dressage Legal: Yes
  • FEI Dressage Legal: Yes

An elliptical (double-jointed) mouthpiece is a standard mouthpiece that lies somewhat looser in the mouth. The hanging cheek (also known as baucher) is an eggbutt variant where smaller rings are attached on top of the eggbutt rings. The cheekpieces attach to the upper rings, and reins attach to the lower/eggbutt rings. Contrary to popular belief, the hanging cheek does not increase poll pressure and has no leverage effect, making this a relatively gentle bit compared to other designs.

Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue color. Sweet Iron will rust when it comes into contact with (air) humidity, the surface rust tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the saliva production. This will cause the horse to salivate more, which in turn will encourage a better acceptance of the bit. The process of rusting (oxidation) changes the blue color of the TRUST bits to a brownish-grey/silver color. This is the desired effect of the Sweet Iron bits. If a Sweet Iron bit is not used for a while, an orange-brown rust layer may form on the mouthpiece. Simply remove this by wiping the bit with a damp cloth.


115mm = 4.5″
125mm = 4.9″
135mm  = 5.3″
145mm = 5.7″

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

115mm/4.5in, 125mm/4.9in, 135mm/5.3in, 145mm/5.7in


12mm, 16mm