Safe and Sound Saddle Fit offers Neue Schule and TRUST Equestrian bits for sale online as well as at bit fitting appointments on location. We select our brands based on their innovative and ergonomic designs, for effective communication and for your horse’s comfort.

Click here to schedule a bit fitting appointment at your farm. We come to you with a large selection of demo bits in a variety of styles and sizes, to find the optimal fit for your horse.

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Neue Schule bits are carefully researched and crafted with thoughtful designs and cutting-edge materials. These bits work with the horse’s anatomy to encourage softness, throughness, and engagement.

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TRUST Equestrian bits are all designed, developed, and handmade in the Netherlands with the greatest care and highest quality materials. They are anatomically shaped for the horse’s mouth – the balance between shape, material, and weight is constantly taken into account. TRUST Equestrian strives to have a suitable bit for every horse.

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