Book a saddle fitting appointment

Full Saddle Fit Evaluation – $150
For new and/or pre-owned saddles. Includes static (unmounted) appraisal, wither tracing, back palpation, symmetry and gait analysis, and dynamic (mounted) fit evaluation. A full evaluation can take up to 2-3 hours depending on how many saddles are tried. No fitting fee if order is placed for a new/pre-owned County saddle on the same day (travel fee only applies).

Fit Check & Partial Flocking Adjustment – Starting at $75
On-site saddle adjustments with 100% natural wool. Based on horse’s current conformation and musculature, reflocking helps optimize fit for horse and rider. Price depends on amount of wool needed. Price is for one saddle per horse; add $50 for each additional saddle (price is for same horse only).

Full Flocking Replacement – $225
100% natural wool, not on-site, includes a full inspection, fit assessment, and any initial flocking adjustments when the full reflocking is finished.

Follow-Up Evaluation & Adjustment
After ordering a new or pre-owned County saddle through Safe and Sound Saddle Fit, receive a complimentary evaluation and first flocking adjustment to ensure optimal fit for your horse. Appointment must be within 3 months of purchase, travel fee only applies.

Billet Replacement – $25 per billet
Billets must be ordered in advance (please inquire for color and length availability), can be done on-site.

Travel Fee $20 per hour drive time, round-trip
Split between all clients in a day. Travel fees may be reduced or waived for large groups at the same location (please inquire for details).

Please have your horse groomed and warmed up before your appointment and be prepared to ride. Thank you!

Discounts available for multiple horses and/or multiple saddles for the same horse.
Tax included. Prices subject to change.
Payment methods accepted: Check/MO, Cash, Credit Card, PayPal.
Please provide at least 24 hours notice for cancellations and rescheduling.
Clients will receive an appointment confirmation via email, phone, or text before the day of appointment.

Contact us for more information and to set an appointment.
You can also book your appointment online.