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Our travel schedule is below.*
Please note that appointment slots are often filled 3-4 weeks in advance – book early to secure your time slot.
If you don’t see your location on the schedule, contact us and we will schedule a visit to your area!

You may also contact us directly by email or call/text (651) 317-3487.
Lindsey and Tatum look forward to working with you and your horse!

Upcoming Fitting & Service Trip Dates:

*Weather & driving conditions permitting; subject to change.

COVID-19 & Your Fitting Appointment:

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all of our awesome clients. We ask that you check your barn’s current COVID-19 policies before scheduling. In an effort to help reduce the ongoing spread of COVID-19, we will follow these protocols during your appointment:

  • As of July 25 2020, face coverings are now mandatory for ALL fitting appointments.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are (or have been in contact with someone who has been) feeling ill, are at risk of being ill, or have been exposed to someone that has displayed symptoms of or tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Please have your horse groomed and standing tied in a safe and quiet area, preferably where there are very few other people. If weather permits, we prefer to do our fittings outdoors.
  • If you have a fit check/flocking adjustment appointment, please ensure that your saddle is as clean as possible. While we don’t recommend the use of harsh cleaners on your saddle leather, a good wipe-down with saddle soap is appreciated!
  • Give us space to work safely. Try to follow social distancing guidelines (at least 6ft between you and your fitter) whenever possible. Be aware that we may need to stand in close proximity to you during parts of the fittings.
  • Please do not touch demo saddles unless you are test riding, and allow your fitter to place and adjust stirrups, girth etc. unless asked otherwise.
  • We are also scheduling virtual fit evaluations by request! Contact us for more info or to request a virtual fitting. You may purchase County Saddlery’s Wither Tracing Kit in preparation for your fitting.

We may update and adjust these protocols as government mandates and public health concerns continue to evolve. Thank you for your cooperation in this, as we navigate these uncertain times right along with you!