Lindsey “LK” Kahn

Lindsey (also goes by LK or simply L) is a Master Saddlers Association saddle fitter, Lantra certified bit fitter, and the founder of Safe and Sound Saddle Fit. She is dedicated to helping clients across the Midwest achieve their riding goals without sacrificing the comfort of their beloved horses. LK trained extensively with the Master Saddlers Association in 2016 and is proud to be Minnesota’s exclusive County Saddlery representative. She also regularly works throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and even travels as far as Montana for fittings! Her training enables her to balance a rider’s seat, compensate for a horse’s asymmetry, and support overall equine movement and performance through proper saddle fit. Understanding that the keys to a sound, willing equine partner include ALL tack and equipment, LK decided to pursue an education in bridle and bit fitting in 2017. She earned her Lantra Certificate in Lorinery Science (bit fitting) in 2018, and was honored to receive the Loriner’s Award and Certificate of Achievement for highest-marked student. LK also completed the CPD-Accredited Horse Bit Fit Bridle Fitting coursework with Distinction in 2019. She is now one of only a few certified bit fitters in the United States. LK has ridden and loved horses her entire life. Having dabbled in many disciplines over the years, her current loves are three-day eventing and trail riding. She owns an Irish Sport Horse mare named Roku and a Rocky Mountain gelding named Griffin. When she is not working with horses, LK enjoys walking her dog, reading, watching professional wrestling, and drawing.