New DP Saddle Fitting Appointment Info

We are excited to offer these innovative and beautiful saddles to our clients! DP Saddlery has built a reputation on the quality and versatility of their saddles, with beautiful naturally-tanned leather and intricate handmade artistry. We offer a vast range of models designed for trail and pleasure riding to high-performance sports such as reining and endurance.

The FlexFit western and endurance line has a revolutionary adjustable gullet that allows a rider to change the tree width by a fraction of an inch with just a twist of an Allen wrench (included with saddle purchase), from extra-narrow to extra-wide and anything in between. Adjustments are so easy that they can be done while the saddle sits on a horse’s back to achieve a precise fit. Visit DP Saddlery for more info.

Please read the following information to prepare for your upcoming appointment with Safe and Sound Saddle Fit:

  • Be prepared to ride during your appointment. If you are unable to ride, please have someone else present who can ride your horse instead.
  • Please groom your horse before your fitter arrives. If your horse needs a short warm-up, please also do so before your appointment.

New/Used DP Saddle Fitting Info:

  • Your fitter will bring a variety of Flex-Fit western and/or endurance models in various seat sizes, tree shapes, and leather colors.
  • DP’s Baroque saddles and Startrekk treeless are available by special request (you must notify your fitter at least 2 weeks before your appointment if you would like to test-ride a Baroque or treeless). Visit the website for more info on DP’s Baroque and treeless models.
  • If you have additional saddles (currently-owned or on trial), we are happy to also check their fit at no additional charge.

Step 1: Static Fit Evaluation

  • Your appointment begins with an in-barn evaluation of your horse (untacked, standing on level footing in cross-ties or other quiet area).
  • Evaluation includes palpation, tracings and/or measurements, conformation analysis, and discussion of your horse’s health/soundness/training history.
  • Saddles are first evaluated on your horse without a pad or cinch to narrow down suitable models and sizes.
  • If the saddle has an adjustable tree, your fitter may adjust it to suit your horse’s conformation.

Step 2: Dynamic Fit Evaluation

  • You then test-ride each potential saddle in an arena (or other safe location with soft, level footing) at the walk and trot (lope/canter is optional) to evaluate the comfort and feel for you and your horse.
  • Your fitter will evaluate the balance, position, and stability of each saddle, as well as your horse’s behavior and movement to determine which saddle(s) fit best.
  • Saddles may be test-ridden more than once if needed.
  • New/Used Saddle Fittings can take 1 to 2 hours, depending on how many saddles are tried.

Prices, Purchasing, and Fees:

  • Payments are due at the time of service. Cash, Venmo, PayPal, check (payable to ‘Safe and Sound Saddle Fit), or credit card are accepted.
  • Travel fees ($25/hour round-trip) are divided between all clients that day.
  • New/Used Saddle Fitting fees are $200-$225 per horse + travel.
  • Saddles may be trialed for 5 days (full payment required), with a full refund (minus return shipping fees, if applicable) if the saddle is returned before the end of the trial period.
  • If you purchase a saddle during your appointment, there is no fitting fee and your initial flocking adjustment (if applicable) is complimentary if done within 2 months of receiving your saddle (travel fees still apply). 
  • If you purchase a saddle during your appointment, there is no fitting fee and your initial flocking adjustment is complimentary if done within 2 months of receiving your saddle (travel fees apply).
  • DP prices range from $2,195-$5,795. Saddles are new unless otherwise noted (some saddles have been lightly used for display and/or test rides, and are priced accordingly). Payment plans available; please inquire for more info.
  • Custom saddles may be ordered and are made to client specifications; orders require a minimum $2,000 deposit and the balance may be paid while the saddle is being made (production times are currently 12-16 weeks). Saddles ship to the client after the balance is paid off.
  • Available customizations include leather type, fender/flap length, seat shape and cushioning, rigging, horn and cantle styles, custom colors and tooling, etc.
  • WARRANTY: DP FlexFit (adjustable western and endurance) saddles have a total warranty of 3 years, with a 5-year warranty on the saddle tree. Startrekk (treeless) saddles have a total warranty of 2 years. Western Performance (non-adjustable) saddles have a total warranty of 5 years, with a 10-year warranty on the saddle tree.
  • Most in-stock DP saddles can be financed. Click here for more info and to apply. You may also contact DP Saddlery’s headquarters directly at or 334-540-6881 for more information.


  • Please provide at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling.
  • HEALTH & BIOSECURITYWe take our human and equine clients’ health very seriously. We travel to many locations and touch many horses, saddles, bits, etc. If you or your horse has recently been exposed to or diagnosed with a communicable illness (e.g. strangles, EHV-1, influenza, COVID-19, strep throat, etc.) please contact us to reschedule.
  • WEATHER POLICYIf the forecast is 10ºF or below or 100ºF or above on the day of your appointment, you will be contacted at least 24 hours prior to reschedule. We may also need to reschedule your appointment if weather and/or driving conditions are hazardous. We thank you for your understanding as we try to keep everyone comfortable, healthy, and safe!

Contact with any questions or concerns, or to reschedule your appointment.
Thank you and we look forward to assisting your and your horse!