TRUST Leather Full Cheek


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  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Material: Leather
  • Cheekpiece Type: Full Cheek
  • Size Availability: approx. 4.5″ – 5.7″
  • USEF Dressage Legal: No
  • USEF Eventing Dressage Legal: Yes

Leather bits are naturally-tanned without the use of toxic chemicals, with a flexible core made of reinforced nylon. The horse’s saliva softens the leather so it conforms to the anatomy of the horse’s mouth. The flexibility in combination with the taste of the leather makes the bit particularly suitable for sensitive horses. Many horses that generally dislike bits often accept leather and can learn to trust the hand of a gentle rider again.

The full cheek has straight cheek pieces, with a solid ring to attach the reins. Because of this shape more pressure is gained on the cheeks of the horse. This makes it easier to turn the horse and the bit cannot be pulled through the mouth. In addition, this bit lies stable in the mouth. The full cheek is an ideal bit for young or very hot horses who may not understand steering. The straight pieces on the cheekpiece are slightly bent outwards so that they cannot come into contact with the side of the horse’s head.

To care for the leather bit, apply olive oil regularly to keep it supple. When placing the bit in the horse’s mouth, ensure that the stitching points forward (toward the opening of the mouth) rather than backward (toward the tongue). Leather  mouthpieces are significantly softer than metal mouthpieces, and must be correctly placed in a horse’s interdental space so teeth do not damage the leather. If a horse’s teeth damage the mouthpiece, it is not considered a manufacturing defect.


115mm = 4.5″
125mm = 4.9″
135mm  = 5.3″
145mm = 5.7″

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Weight 1 lbs

115mm/4.5in, 125mm/4.9in, 135mm/5.3in, 145mm/5.7in