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Lindsey Kahn is a lifelong equestrian based in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is dedicated to helping fellow riders find saddles to help them achieve their goals without sacrificing the comfort of their beloved horses. As a rider and horse owner, she has experienced first-hand the harmful effects of poor saddle fit on a horse’s performance and health, which sparked her passions for saddle fitting and County saddles.

Lindsey completed the extensive training provided by the Master Saddlers Association in 2016 and is proud to be the exclusive County Saddlery representative for the state of Minnesota. Her training enables her to balance a rider’s seat, compensate for a horse’s asymmetry, and improve overall equine movement and performance through proper saddle fit.

Understanding that the keys to a sound, willing equine partner include all tack and equipment, Lindsey decided to pursue an education in bridle and bit fitting. In 2017, she was honored to receive the Loriner’s Award for the highest-placed Foundations of Bits and Bitting student by The Academy – Neue Schule, and received the Certificate of Achievement for completing her Mathematics of Bits and Bitting coursework with Distinction. After earning her Lantra Certificate of Training and Assessment in Lorinery Science in 2018, Lindsey continued her training and completed the CPD-Accredited Horse Bit Fit Bridle Fitting coursework with Distinction in 2019. She is now Minnesota’s exclusive Artemis Equine bridle fitter.


Photo by Fox River Photography

Lindsey has ridden, worked with, and loved horses her entire life. She owns a 2016 Irish Sport Horse mare named Flagmount’s Phoenix (“Roku”) and a 2003 Rocky Mountain gelding named Amigo’s Gray Hawk (“Griffin”). When she isn’t fitting tack or riding, Lindsey enjoys drawing, traveling, good food, and loud music.

About County Saddles

County Saddlery, Inc. is based in Woodbine, Maryland with saddle craftsmanship taking place at their factory in England. Resisting the trend toward cheaper production methods using foam rubber panels and plastic trees, County Saddles continue to be handmade on laminate beechwood trees covered in the world’s finest leather, with pure wool-flocked panels to maximize your horse’s comfort and fit.

Photo by Fox River Photography

Photo by Fox River Photography

County Saddlery’s traditional methods take longer and require a higher degree of craftsmanship, but once you sit in a County, we are confident you will agree that the results are clearly worth it. Although County makes custom saddles for many of the world’s leading riders, their commitment to quality and detail is reflected in every saddle they make, including the one they will make for you. If interested in trying a County saddle, we have an extensive set of demo saddles that you can try at your location.

Visit the County Saddlery website to learn more about how County Saddles can help you and your horse stay safe and sound as you reach your riding and competition goals!